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Luxury House

I designed this luxury house in "Горный гигант" by ArchiCAD soft , Almaty. The house "stands out for its geometric purity, material sophistication and compositional elegance.” This contemporary courtyard design boasts a modern travertine marble shell, taking on a strong, geometric shape of layers upon layers of living spaces. Lots of large windows, coupled with the home’s north-south orientation, ensure sun-soaked interiors. These large windows and glass doors lead to the outdoors at every level, thanks to a sloped property. The home’s minimalist exterior is contrasted by rich interiors – opulent color.


Rendring V-Ray for 3ds Max - Kulseitov Abdil 
3d modeling - Kulseitov Abdiel.
Used the programs: ArchiCAD; 3dsMax; Allplan.Maya

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