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Architectural 3d rendering

During all our years of operation, we have collaborated in both: residential and commercial projects, and we are proficient in both kinds of architecture. Today, we are going to give focus on housing projects. You may take a look at more than 30 3d architectural visualization projects within our portfolio and see the high quality building rendering products we have developed. Construction marketing, sales and city approvals are the main reasons to create architectural visualizations. Many of the renderings I am create is for the objective of obtaining city permits, and community acceptance. Most of the time, the first building rendering visualizations our clients request are to move forward in the construction process. Marketing and sales go next in the row. Residential Building Rendering to Obtain City Approval During the early stages of pre-construction, clients request for 3d visualizations to get building permits. Most of the computer illustrations produced for this purposes are exterior renderings that show the main details of the project I know your needs and I’ll help you make the needed changes. After getting the city permits, developers look for rendering services again. This time, they are looking for exterior building renderings with the newest changes applied, 3d floor plans showing all the interior spaces of the homes, and finally an impressive architectural animation that will amaze buyers.

Eye level view of the condominium building.  Eye level view is certainly the most popular view used in architectural visualization.  Scroll down to see images in large size regarding   this project.

 Adding People and Landscape to the Scene 
Generally speaking, a criative architectural project will render a nice architectural rendering. However, it is not all the architectural projects that are itself attractive to anyone. When the shapes and volumes is not itself attractive, it is necessary to make it appear as if it was completed and in use, with people passing by or entering to the place, cars passing in front of the building, or entering or going out the garage´s building. Trees, garden with plants and grass also contributes to give a real aspect of the building on a common day, instead of a desert building image.

Rendring V-Ray for 3ds Max - Kulseitov Abdil 
3d modeling - Kulseitov Abdil.
Used the programs: ArchiCAD; 3dsMax; Allplan.Maya.

Rendring V-Ray for 3ds Max - Kulseitov Abdil 
3d modeling - Kulseitov Abdil. 
Used the programs: ArchiCAD; 3dsMax; Allplan.Maya.

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