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Why I became an architect ?



My first profession is Design Engineer, but how did I become a licensed architect?

When I was a child I loved drawing. My family and our neighbors who noticed my “talent” in the visual arts would constantly ask me what I wanted to become when I grow up. I answered “engineer” and at times “architect.”

After graduation in Physical Mathematical School, I was in a dilemma in choosing which institute  I would take, Architecture or   engineer.

My parents were no longer indirectly supportive of my artistic skills. They wanted me to become a engineer.

In 1992 I graduated from the Polytechnic Institute in Almaty. Than  I was working for 3 years as an Design Engineer. No offense, but job as engineer disgust me. When the   first mechanical computer appeared in Almaty I asked a friend who was currently in the third year in Architecture. Which one is the best course to take, “Architecture or Software developer?”.  His reason was Software developer make a lot of money than architects graduates. Hmm, that makes sense, I thought. So I Want to be a Programmer. I entered Programmers College  (College of Distance Education). I  could not finish programmer in five years. Programmer is three years. I was not really into it. What I enjoyed the most was the Architecture, the programming  and other scientific subjects bored me. But I should have taken architect. I was training to be an architect. Fifteen years ago, I packed up my drafting tools  and left the engineering office where I had been employed for three years. A day later, I went out and purchased a computer and I started my solo architectural practice working.  In two years I became  chief  assistant to architect "X"at the oil company "NAR OIL". After 12 months, my internship had ended, I started working as an architect for  Persian construction company " MASKAN SAZAN CONSTRUCTION Co" in 2003. I thought I had made it! I officially took oath as an architect in August of 2003. It was a dream that came true nonetheless.  After five or so years of this exercise at MASKAN SAZAN CONSTRUCTION Co , I graduated and with great good fortune landed a wonderful job with a prestigious architectural firm in Almaty without special architectural education. A little bit later on I entered Architecture University nonetheless

So how am I celebrating fifteen years of Architecture Practice

I have become a "Certified Architect" and  at times "Constructor"

I am the author of several Architectural and Engineering Design Projects.

I’ve Graduated Architect.  I got National Diploma in Architectural Technology After fifteen years of experience designing a variety of building types from large, mixed-use projects, restaurants and commercial spaces to single-family homes. I received a bachelor of Architecture diploma from Kazakh national research technical university. This is my third finished Institute. I guide every project from initial design through construction to insure that every aspect of a project is carefully considered and fully coordinated. I discovered that to succeed in architecture, you need patience, perseverance and passion, qualities you acquired as you studied...

WRITTEN BY KULSEITOV abdil 2015/November

 A piece of advice from me. Go for the things that you love doing, NOT because it makes lot money. Because you’re productive when you do the thing you love doing, and consequently you make a lot of money in the end.

Apartment "Persia Complex"

I worked as a Chief Architect at MASKAN SAZAN CONSTRUCTION Co (Persian COMPANY ) during construction of this apartment "Persia Complex". This project space in 29735m2 in 4 blocks and 15 storeys and parking space of 6130m2. Contractor: Didas Construction Co. Location: Almaty , Kazakhstan .
apartment has been built and is designed by MASKAN SAZAN CONSTRUCTION.
I am
glad that I had a large part to the construction of this building.
This building was my architectural BEGINNING

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